Click, Click, Who's Really There?

Click, Click, Who's Really There?

Click, Click, Who's Really There?

Click, Click, Who's Really There?


“I never thought it would happen to me!”

Ask anyone who was victimized by an online crime if he or she thought it would happen to them. Chances are - well first, chances are they will not talk to you because many families who have been victimized do not wish to make it public. If you know the victim, then probably that person will tell you, “I never thought it would happen to me!”

Luckily for you, picking up this book (and reading it!) means you may have just helped to reduce the risks for you and your family. The internet is a comprehensive resource and a highly beneficial tool. Every person online can and should take full advantage of all the internet has to offer. But every person online is also equally susceptible to the seemingly invisible, yet real, dangers unless protective measures are taken.

But how? How are today's adults, who did not grow up with the internet, expected to keep up with technology? This book is designed to address that exact audience, providing solutions and action steps that every person, from novice to expert, can understand. Regardless of one's level of technical expertise, everyone should use this book's nontechnical, family-based approach toward internet safety. Of course, technological discussions cannot be completely avoided when dealing with computers. In the few instances where technical vocabulary and procedures are needed, explanations will be provided in layman terms.

Safety & Privacy

The primary focus of this book is the safety issue, which includes privacy. The objective is to build awareness about the realities of the

The word internet will be not be capitalized in this book, as per the explanation on
page 28 of Click, Click, Who's There?

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