Approaches to Psychology


Praise for the third edition "Glassman does not lean in the contemporary direction of over-simplification and 'pally' reading to motivate and hold the interest of TV and internet-wise youngsters with minimal attention spans... It should be required reading...nowhere else is there such thorough coverage of the major perspectives in their historical context. Glassman's clear, consistent and utterly coherent style provides interest through anecdotes, fables, everyday experiences and concrete psychological research examples" - The Times Higher This revised and expanded edition of Approaches to Psychology builds on the wide appeal of the earlier editions. It explains what the discipline of psychology is, how it developed and how it can contribute to the understanding of human behaviour and experience. This book introduces students to the five major conceptual frameworks or "approaches" to psychology: biological, behaviourist, cognitive, psychodynamic and humanistic. The methods, theories and assumptions of each approach is explored so that the reader builds an understanding of psychology as it applies to human development, social and abnormal behaviour. New to this edition: middot; Brand new layout with more illustrations and two colour design middot; Case studies that run throughout the book middot; Increased coverage of social psychology middot; Enhanced treatment of cross-cultural issues middot; New work on evolutionary psychology middot; Online Learning Centre (OLC) with student support material, instructor test bank ( Features: middot; Overview of key methods of psychological research middot; Student friendly pedagogy including discussion points and queries, clear chapter summaries, key terms and concepts defined in context middot; Annotated suggestions for further reading middot; Extensive glossary and bibliography This clear and concise exploration of psychology is key reading for students new to the discipline.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Maidenhead, England
Publication year:
  • 2004


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