Calvinism on the Frontier, 1600-1660: International Calvinism and the Reformed Church in Hungary and Transylvania


'This is a very important volume presenting an exciting look at one of the least known branches of the Calvinist International. Scholars interested in social control, religious reform, toleration, and intellectual thought will find much here to interest them... It is certainly a most welcome addition to our understanding of Calvinism and early modern Hungarian lands' -English Historical Review'A very interesting and extremely useful historical account' -English Historical Review'This study is significantly more important than just another case study of Calvinism. The success of Calvinism in the Hungarian lands remains, until now, a story largely unknown to the wider historical community. Again, that alone makes this work interesting. The peculiarities of the socio-political situation in Hungary and Transylvania, however, makes this volume truly fascinating' -English Historical ReviewThe reformation was not a western European event, but historians have neglected the study of Protestantism in central and eastern Europe. This book aims to rectify this situation. It examines one of Europe's largest Protestant communities in Hungary and Transylvania. It highlights the place of the Hungarian Reformed church in the international Calvinist world, and reveals the impact of Calvinism on Hungarian politics and society.


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