U.S. Latino Issues

U.S. Latino Issues

U.S. Latino Issues

U.S. Latino Issues


Does the term Latino - a construct of the U. S. government- successfully encompass the wide variety of Spanish-speaking people in this country? This introductory topic begins an overview of 10 major controversies that have embroiled U. S. Latinos, including Puerto Ricans, in recent years. Latinos have one of the fastest-growing populations in the United States today, making these issues front-page news across the country.

Issues include:

• Race Classification

• Assimilation

• Bilingual Education

• Open Borders

• Affirmative Action

• Interracial Dating and Marriage

• Funding Education and Health Care for Undocumented Immigrant

• Amnesty Program

• U. S. Military and Political Presence in Cuba

• U. S. Military Bases in Puerto Rico

Each topic is presented with a background, pro and con positions, and questions for the purpose of student debate and papers.

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