Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge

Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge

Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge

Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge


Coaching with Spirit is an uncommon resource that shows you how to enhance your effectiveness by integrating spirituality into your professional interactions with clients. Written for coaches, managers, and allied professionals who work with clients such as therapists, consultants, career management practitioners, pastoral educators, NLP practitioners, students and those considering these professions. This book is not a primer on spirituality but rather it is a guide that suggests practical ways you can welcome Spirit into your business.

The foundation for this work is the Kybalion, the Greek and Egyptian hermetic philosophy.

Author Teri-E Belf, MA, BCC and the world's first MCC, along with 50 other contributors, offer reflections and actions for revitalizing your coaching style with 3 key spiritual concepts (CPR):

  • Connection-- increase connection with yourself, your client, and the whole
  • Present-- be fully available in the present moment
  • Responsible-- able to respond and be accountable for your choices


We are not human beings having a Spiritual experience.
We are Spiritual beings having a human experience

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

THE BOOK YOU ARE NOW HOLDING is a gift from Spirit combined with the talents of many contributors. Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge will invite you to reflect on and perhaps resonate with its profound message long after you have finished reading the words. I read many books. Some entertain and some enlighten; a few books, like this one, both enlighten and entertain. As you read Coaching with Spirit, I predict you will smile with delight and recognition; you will ponder; you will recall your own experiences with Spirit; and you will seek out others to share what you have discovered.

After reading Coaching with Spirit, you will no longer need to just wait for Spirit to arrive. You will know how to set the stage appropriately for its appearance, recognizing and accepting Spirit through the myriad ways it makes its presence known.

Personal and Professional Coaches

It behooves all personal and professional coaches to read Coaching with Spirit because it is written by coaches and for coaches, making it especially relevant and valuable to the coaching profession. I am enthusiastic about how this book connects coaching with Spirit in a way that is both practical and subtle.

In addition, I endorse Coaching with Spirit for a larger audience. I believe every coach will recommend it to clients, friends, family, and significant others; and those . . .

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