Competing with Information: A Manager's Guide to Creating Business Value with Information Content

Competing with Information: A Manager's Guide to Creating Business Value with Information Content

Competing with Information: A Manager's Guide to Creating Business Value with Information Content

Competing with Information: A Manager's Guide to Creating Business Value with Information Content


In the e-business economy, managers are faced with too much data and too little meaningful information about markets, customers, products, company operations and finances. Their greatest challenge is to identify, manage and use the right information to compete. Information management is too important to a company's performance and growth to be delegated primarily to IT, information or financial specialists. This book is based on the idea that information management is the responsibility of every manager. Managers may not be IT specialists, but they must create the conditions for effective information use that creates real business value. Donald Marchand and his colleagues at IMD invite you to learn your information responsibilities, so your company can use information faster, better and smarter than the competition. By using the business framework of 'strategic information alignment,' this book shows how information can create business value through delighting customers, being more innovative, managing risks and being the low-cost leader in your markets and industries. Learn the why, what and how of better information use and management in your company. At last, here is a book about managing information written specifically for business managers. Developed from the executive teaching, consulting and real world research of a team of faculty who work with the world's leading global companies every day, this book provides managers with the mindset and guidance to leverage the company's capabilities to use and manage information to create business value.


To succeed in the global marketplace, companies must reposition themselves to tap the sources of sustainable growth and to exploit the vast opportunities for e-business and the so-called new economy. Managers must develop a new mindset that leverages three key assets in a business.

Firstly, companies must be prepared to make full use of the intellectual assets residing in their people. We must manage our companies so that our people can contribute their knowledge fully in our businesses.

Secondly, companies must create business value through using information on products, customers and services more effectively than their competitors. We must have one face to the customer and the customer must see one face from us.

And thirdly, companies must deploy information technology and e-business capabilities to support global and local processes, to act in a boundaryless manner toward their customers, and to enable relevant information to move wherever in the company it is needed.

Competing with Information discusses the mindset and the tools required for managers to define how information and knowledge can create business value for a company to achieve sustainable growth. It also examines how to develop the right mix of business strategies and information capabilities for the e-business economy. General managers may not be expected to be information and IT specialists in their business. But they are expected to create the conditions in their business for effective information sharing and use, with the aim to improve business performance. This book by Professor Don Marchand and his colleagues at IMD provides practical insights on how business managers can further develop the ways they manage information, people and IT capabilities to achieve superior business performance and e-business success.

As customer-focused companies like ABB increasingly take a knowledge-and-servicecentric view of their businesses, our managers must develop the mindsets and frameworks to lead our company to effectively compete with information, people and IT in the new e-economy. Information in the wide sense creates new business opportunities. Competing with Information addresses a central issue and will provide essential input into our own discussions on the best way forward in the new era.

Göran Lindahl Jim Barrington

Chief Executive Officer Chief Information Officer

ABB Zurich, Switzerland . . .

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