Taft, Roosevelt, and the Limits of Friendship


"William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed a much-valued, years-long friendship, only to have it break down when, in 1912, they came to political blows over the Republican Party nomination for the presidency. To many it appeared to be a case of personal rivalry, almost a matter of saving face, as the two veteran political figures maneuvered to claim the right to lead their party. A close study of the backgrounds and public service of Taft and Roosevelt reveals, however, that despite years of mutual regard and support in governmental affairs, they were not look-alikes. It is therefore necessary to compare and contrast their backgrounds and training, their mind-sets, and their understanding of the power of the president, as stated in the Constitution, to gain an appreciation of how TR and Will came to a parting of the ways, politically and personally." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved