The Pauline Canon

The Pauline Canon

The Pauline Canon

The Pauline Canon


The Pauline letters continue to provoke scholarly discussion. This volume includes papers that raise a variety of questions regarding the canon of the Pauline writings. Some of the essays are more narrowly focused in their intent, sometimes concentrating upon a single dimension related to the Pauline canon, and sometimes upon even a single letter. Others of the essays are more broadly conceived and deal with how one assesses or accounts for the process that resulted in the letters as a collection, rather than analyzing individual letters. There are also mediating positions that attempt to overcome the disjunction between authenticity and inauthenticity by exploring the complex notion of interpolation.


This volume has been a long time in the making—too long if you are one of the contributors, or one of those who has been looking forward to receiving this volume in aid of research or simply for scholarly or personal interest. For that delay, I apologize. However, I believe that this volume makes a significant contribution to the study of Paul, especially the canon of writings that we associate with him, and, I trust, in that regard was worth the wait. I am truly sorry that my original series co-editor, Dr. Brook W.R. Pearson of the University of Surrey Roehampton, has been unable to continue editing the series with me. I appreciate the work that he did in helping to set up the mechanics for the series, even though he is not able to see it through to completion. I wish to recognize here also the work that he did in helping to create and shape this particular volume. I wish him the very best in his other publishing endeavours.

This is the first of a series of projected volumes in the Pauline Studies Series to be published by Brill Publishers of Leiden. This volume is on the Pauline canon. Subsequent volumes currently scheduled to appear are as follows:

Volume 2: Paul and His Opponents

Volume 3: Paul the Theologian

Volume 4: Paul’s World

Volume 5: Paul: Jew, Greek and Roman

I would like to invite any scholars interested in making contributions to one or more of these volumes to be in contact with me regarding submission. Contact information is provided below. The topics of the volumes are being defined and interpreted broadly, so that papers that deal, for example, with clearly related subjects, such as the Paul of the Letters and of Acts, we hope will be able to find a home in these collections of papers. Papers for the second and third volumes are already being gathered for publication, but it is not too late for possible submission. The anticipated rate of publication is one per . . .

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