Art Shrines of Ancient India

Art Shrines of Ancient India

Art Shrines of Ancient India

Art Shrines of Ancient India


Chronicalling India's rich art heritage from ancient times to the present, this guide includes rough locations of temples and archaelogical sites, Indian art through the ages, the site of Buddha's first sermon, and an homage to the sun in ancient Indian art.


This book is, by and large, a compendium of articles written by me for the Bhavan’s Journal.

Between 1976 and 1980, I happened to be the Director, I.A.A.S., Staff College, Simla in India and one of the pleasant duties I had to perform was to take my trainee-officers every year on a twoweek tour of India. This was called Bharat Darshan or seeing India, especially places of important historical, artistic and archaeological significance.

During a five-year period, I had the opportunity to visit, along with my officers, the places covered in this book. Though most of the major Art Shrines could be covered, I must admit that there are important places which I could not visit and hence could not deal with in this book on Art Shrines of India.

Hence at best what I offer is only a sampling of India’s glorious artistic heritage and I apologize for the incompleteness and the glaring omissions of places of major artistic significance.

But I consider myself lucky in having been able to travel and see and admire ancient India’s artistic heritage—a privilege very few would get.

So, I offer my readers my incomplete sampling of India’s ancient Art Shrines, which are still available for a visit and aesthetic appreciation.

Minneapolis, U.S.A.

V.K. Subramanian . . .

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