Reconceptualizing Social Policy: Sociological Perspectives on Contemporary Social Policy


  • How can sociological perspectives help us make sense of contemporary social policy?
  • How has the discipline of social policy engaged in recent sociological debates and developments?
This book provides a variety of sociological frameworks for understanding contemporary social policy. It explores how sociological perspectives may be used to theorize, conceptualize and research social policy.

Amanda Coffey captures the different ways in which social policy can be understood - as academic discipline, policy process, service provision and lived experience. The book engages with a range of policy areas and client groups, and pays attention to sociodemographic categories such as gender, 'race', class and age. Themes include:

  • The body and processes of embodiment
  • Citizenship and identity
  • Equality and differences
  • Space and time
  • Research and representation
Reconceptualizing Social Policy is a key text for students and lecturers in sociology and social policy.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Maidenhead, England
Publication year:
  • 2004


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