Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health

Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health

Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health

Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health


Individuals experiencing rehabilitation are subject to profound life adjustments and this study explores how the relationship between counsellor and client can be a source of support during that time.


This book formed its roots within another which was published in August 2001, Counsellors in Health Settings. As the co-ordinator of the Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling in Primary Care/Health Settings at the University of Bristol (a post which I relinquished in December 2000), I had discovered that there was very little literature for and about counsellors working in secondary and tertiary health settings, although there was an expanding literature for and about counsellors working in primary care. Originally the course focused on training primary care counsellors, in line with several other courses that were supported by the Counselling in Primary Care Trust. It was a one-year course offered to counsellors who had already achieved a diploma level qualification. However, after two cohorts in this model we developed the course into a two-year postgraduate professional counsellor training and widened its scope to include counselling in a wider range of health settings.

This change was partly inspired by my personal belief that there is insufficient recognition of the need for counselling as part of the process of rehabilitation. There has been a vast increase in the numbers of counsellors working in general practice over the last ten years and counsellors working in other health arenas have a much lower profile. So I decided to attempt to address this imbalance by producing some literature that would be of use to people who had an interest in counselling in secondary and tertiary health care: literature that might also help to raise the awareness of these roles.

In my current role as co-ordinator and tutor for the MSc in Counselling (Research Unit) I have been impressed by the research undertaken by some of our students which highlights the work in which they have been involved in health settings. These students, having gained their diplomas, go on to achieve the MSc by becoming researchers and producing a dissertation. So I decided to ask some of them for their assistance in producing a book that would help disseminate this knowledge to a much wider audience.

During the early phase of planning for what was eventually to become two books, I became curious to know about other counsellors out there in . . .

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