Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships

Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships

Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships

Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships


Written by the wife of a man with Asperger syndrome, this work should provide the answers to many of the questions asked by the increasing number of people in that situation. It explains how behaviours that may have appeared odd are the manifestations of Asperger syndrome.


When I speak to an audience interested in hearing about Asperger Syndrome (AS), I underscore that a support system is crucial to a happy way of life for everyone involved. I do not think this is an insult to my AS community. I believe most human entities flourish best under the glow of friendly empathetic support. The goal, we with AS might need, is just of a different hue and wattage. We need altered kinds of support and most typically, longer support, than the normal population might need. Parents of children with AS often ask me who would be the most likely to provide such support.

They wonder, “Will it be me? A supervisor at a group home? A trusted friend? Who?”

Of course, I cannot provide one distinct answer to that question. However, I can help those who need to know how to explore possible scenarios that might unfold for their child with AS. Only one of my responses is characteristically met with astonishment and disbelief, even though that very response is the mainstay of my daily existence. The answer that confuses so many, but comforts the soul most sweetly is simple – a spouse or significant other.

They ask, “What? Marriage? My child in any kind of interpersonal relationship? You must be kidding me. People with AS never form those sorts of bonds. Right?” Wrong. I would never joke of such a thing. The truth is, no one knows how many adults engaged in an interpersonal relationship have AS in their mix of souls. In fact, we may never know. There are simply too many obstacles currently blocking the way between adults with AS and an official diagnosis from a qualified professional.

I myself have thought about writing a book on AS and interpersonal relationships for quite some time, because I am the AS half of a successful Asperger Syndrome/Neurotypical marriage and because I enjoy writing . . .

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