O.J. Unmasked: The Trial, the Truth, and the Media

O.J. Unmasked: The Trial, the Truth, and the Media

O.J. Unmasked: The Trial, the Truth, and the Media

O.J. Unmasked: The Trial, the Truth, and the Media


Despite what the jury thought, does the evidence demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that O. J. Simpson was guilty of murdering two people? O. J. Unmasked is a devastating review of the Simpson trial evidence, with disturbing and sometimes startling findings.


I disapprove of murder.

—Hercule Poirot

Commentators are regularly asked “why all the interest in the O.J. Simpson case?” The answers generally include: Simpson’s wealth, fame, and widespread popularity prior to the murders; the strangely compelling nature of the June 17th Bronco chase; the hideous brutality of the murders; people’s interest in how justice may differ when defendants are black rather than white, or celebrities rather than unknowns; and a certain suspicion of police in general and the LAPD specifically. These factors do explain much of the initial interest in the case, but they are insufficient to explain a voracious attention spanning the nearly sixteen months between the murders and the notguilty verdict at trial.

While the trials of Lorena Bobbitt, William Kennedy Smith, and the Menendez brothers were fascinating to millions, they differed in one crucial aspect from the O.J. Simpson case: dismemberment, sexual intercourse, and killing by shotgun were not denied by these defendants. Rather, they all attempted to provide an explanation which made them either legally not guilty of any crime at all, or guilty of something far less than what the prosecution alleged.

I think the biggest factor which explains the enduring interest in the Simpson case is that people want to decide for themselves what the evidence shows. The complicated defense offered by Simpson’s lawyers has been given serious attention by the public, even those who ultimately concluded that O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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