Perspectives on Habermas

Perspectives on Habermas

Perspectives on Habermas

Perspectives on Habermas


This collection of writings by eminent philosophers explores the controversial career of jurgen Habermas, whose adherence to the Enlightenment ideals of rationality, humanism, and respect for discourse has set him apart from most postmodernist thinkers.


This volume has been in the making for eight years. Professor Jürgen Habermas was to be the subject of a volume of the Library of Living Philosophers. Over the years we collected many fine essays written by the best scholars we could find and they worked hard and fruitfully to complete these essays.

In 1999, Professor Habermas wrote to tell me that because of other events in his life he could no longer participate in this project. Because of the high quality of the essays we received, it was decided to publish this book as a scholarly monograph to honor the life work of Professor Habermas and to give full recognition to those contributors who worked so hard to complete this volume. We are extremely grateful to them for their efforts.

I am happy to acknowledge the warm support, encouragement, and cooperation of Open Court Publishing Company, especially M. Blouke Carus, David R. Steele, Kerri Mommer, Jeanne Kerl, and Jennifer Asmuth. and I also very much appreciate continued support, understanding, and encouragement from the administration of Southern Illinois University. Moreover, I am grateful for the invaluable and unfailing assistance of the staff of Morris Library. My warm gratitude goes to Christina Martin and the Philosophy Department secretariat for help with numerous projects, as well as to my colleagues who from diverse perspectives make common cause for philosophy and a better university. My thanks also go to Lucian W. Stone, Jr. and Darrell J. Russell for the careful work they did on the manuscripts and proofs, and to Kevin Thompson for the Introduction in which he very ably introduces the reader to the wide-ranging essays in this collection. Finally, I am most grateful to Frances Stanley for her unfailing support and ingenuity, as well as her excellent work in typesetting the volume. Without her, this volume simply could not have been produced.

Lewis edwin hahn editor

Southern illinois university at carbondale July 2000 . . .

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