Bible & Ethics in the Christian Life

Bible & Ethics in the Christian Life

Bible & Ethics in the Christian Life

Bible & Ethics in the Christian Life


Among the topics treated are: Christian ethics as community ethics Charting the moral life Elements of character formation Character and social structure Decision making The nature and role of biblical authority Uses of Scripture in Christian ethics


When the first edition of this volume was published, its purpose was to bridge the gap between biblical studies and Christian ethics. Few materials which systematically linked the two fields existed, and most were only article-length.

The scene has changed dramatically in only a decade. Numerous excellent studies have appeared. The initial purpose of that first volume, to encourage interdisciplinary work, has been largely served.

What we did not anticipate, however, was the first edition’s widespread use as a classroom text. That has been gratifying, even when it was not the volume’s initial purpose. The response punctuates a circumstance long recognized by teachers of ethics, namely, that few scholarly but nontechnical works exist which treat both fundamental Christian moral concepts and the most important sources of the Christian moral life. This new edition is drafted as just such a basic text.

The changes and additions are many. We have enlarged especially the sections on the basic working concepts of Christian ethics. There are new chapters on the vocabulary of morality (“Charting the Moral Life”), on decision making, and on character and social structure. We have addressed anew and expanded the discussions of the authority and uses of Scripture in the moral life and the roles of the community . . .

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