Mao's Crusade: Politics and Policy Implementation in China's Great Leap Forward


'China specialists who are interested in policy-making and implementation in 1958 will certainly find this book interesting.' -The China Quarterly'A powerful, first rate study of politics and policy implementation in the Great Leap Forward.' -The China Journal'Chan shows how Mao was able to dominate policymaking and to mobilize lower-rung cadres and ordinary citizens into his own modality of madness, and shows how all this impacted on the polity and society. He does all of this in a splendid manner, providing valuable insights into how recipients of the Great Leap resisted, or attempted to resist, Mao's folly.' -The China JournalThis fascinating study of China's Great Leap Forward documents how Mao Zedong dominated and manipulated the policy process. Through exhaustive research of newly-available materials, the author discusses how the central ministries and the province of Guangdong implemented radical policies such as the backyard furnace campaign and the establishment of the People's Communes. He also demonstrates how these authorities, hard-pressed by impossible assignments and production targets, were compelled to focus on the fantastic rituals of mass mobilization to keep up appearances.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2001


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