Multinational Strategic Alliances

Multinational Strategic Alliances

Multinational Strategic Alliances

Multinational Strategic Alliances


Multinational Strategic Alliances Robert J. Mockler St. John's University, New York Strategic alliances are one of the most significant tools used today in business, especially by multinational firms. It is seen by business managers as the way to grow their organizations, especially when faced by downsizing and cutbacks. Such alliances have certainly been around for a long time, and surveys show that today the majority of large organizations use them. Almost all multinational firms have considered them. However, what has changed in today's working climate is their breadth and frequency of use, and their complexity. This highlights the need for a comprehensive guide such as this. Indeed, research shows that over 70% of strategic alliances fail to deliver the results that were intended from the outset. What makes this book so useful is that it covers a broader range of alliances and has more current case studies than other books currently available. In addition, this comprehensive introduction to the subject provides a base of practical 'how-to-do-it' material and specific decision models covering determining strategic fit, negotiating strategic alliances and selecting compatible partners, formulating type and structure of alliances in light of operational fit, and making strategic alliances work. The book also explores other options instead of alliances such as wholly-owned multinational expansion and exporting, and has major sections on understanding and managing cross-cultural diversity, communications and leadership. Case studies include General Motors in China, British Airways and American Airlines, Airbus Industrie, a celluar phone venture in Tashkent, British Petroleum/Mobil in Europe, and Puyi-Briggs and Straton Engine Corporation in China. The systematic processes, contingency frameworks, best practices guidelines and situation analysis checklists given in this book make it an indispensable guide for managers and senior managers no matter what the size of their enterprise, especially those involved in international marketing, planning and management. It is also relevant to consultants and MBA and post-graduate students interested in the development, management and other strategic issues involved in multinational strategic alliances.


The aim of this series is to provide managers with books on strategy, strategic management and strategic change, which are helpful, practical, and provide guidance for the application of sound concepts in real situations.

In the mid-1960s when the subject of planning began to emerge, the whole literature could have been listed on one or two sheets of paper. It was easy to decide which books to read, because so few were available. This state of alfairs changed rapidly, and the scope of the subject has moved from a focus on formal planning to a broader view which merges with the literature of leadership, change management, strategic analysis and organization. Modern writing sees the organization and its strategies in an integrated way, and there are many, often conflicting, theories about the 'right way' to formulate strategies and practice strategic management.

Management does not take an academic interest in theories, but is concerned about what works best in the situation in which it operates. Hence this series. Each book is conceptually sound, and gives proper acknowledgement to the originators of concepts and ideas, but the emphasis is on using the concepts or methods, rather than academic argument.

Business school faculty and students are also concerned with the application of theories and will find much in these books to supplement the more academic texts.

In this series the aim is to give readers clear guidance on how to make the subject of the book work in their own situation, while at the same time taking care to ensure that the books do not oversim-

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