Feminist Alliances

Feminist Alliances

Feminist Alliances

Feminist Alliances


This book is about feminism, its critics, and its possible directions for change. The nine chapters raise questions about theories of sexual difference, power, justice and history. A central theme concerns the prospects for combining feminist with other, non-feminist, political perspectives.


This book is a contribution to debates about the prospects for alliance between feminism and sundry other political positions. The chapters represent a range of feminist views on alliances. They develop detailed critiques of some alliances. No unified thesis emerges, but the authors’ distinct perspectives on alliances contribute to the development of different aspects of feminist theory. The collection is of central interest to readers in the area of feminism and gender studies.

The wide scope of these chapters situates feminism with respect to other left movements, Liberal theory, Foucauldian power theory, Jacques Derrida’s conception of philosophy, the sociological theory of Pierre Bourdieu, and to different theoretical and pragmatic approaches to difference. The broad range of topics will extend the readership to researchers in other areas in addition to feminism and gender studies. Readers interested in political theory, sociology and philosophy of language will find this relevant to their work. Its range includes topics of relevance to current issues, making it also of interest beyond a purely academic audience.

The Center for Applied Philosophy at Flinders university provided financial support for this project. Ian Hunt, the director of the Center and Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes of Women’s Studies at Flinders, offered valuable advice. The book has taken some time to appear. I would like to thank the contributors for their patience and my family and friends for their encouragement and help. Siobhan Davenport and Gunnar Sivertsen read parts of the text and made many useful suggestions. A study leave spent in the friendly and intellectually generous La Trobe Philosophy Department made it possible to finish the work of editing the volume.

I would also like to thank the Editors of Dissent for permission to reprint the article by Iris Marion Young entitled “Complexities of Coalitions” which appeared in Dissent in Winter 1997, Volume 44, issue 1.

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