Feast and Famine: Food and Nutrition in Ireland, 1500-1920


'Besides being an able and reliable account of Irish diet over half a millennium, Feast and Famine is also an excellent introduction to much of the new research in Irish economic history over the past two decades.' -The Agricultural History Review'Illuminating and innovative study... The authors handle sources cautiously and convincingly. Even when at their most technical they write lightly and attractively... They have set a rich but finely prepared dish before us. Its many novelties and subtleties will take time to digest. It satisfies while whetting the appetite for more.' -English Historical Review'The style is felicitous, the exposition clear and issues disposed of only after a conscientious discussion of the difficulties... The book is an effective opening up of dietary issues, and it ably and at times innovatively explores and presents detail, and brings a novel and refreshing competence in nutritional knowledge to historical study.' -Irish Studies ReviewThis innovative title traces the history of food in Ireland from the sixteenth to the early twentieth century. The authors explore the evolution of Irish diets over the centuries, in the process putting the role of the potato and the history of the famines into their proper perspectives.


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