Walking with a Shadow: Surviving Childhood Leukemia

Walking with a Shadow: Surviving Childhood Leukemia

Walking with a Shadow: Surviving Childhood Leukemia

Walking with a Shadow: Surviving Childhood Leukemia


"Here nine long-term survivors of childhood leukemia share their memories and give us insight into the physiological changes, psychosocial and educational difficulties that became a constant "shadow" in their lives. Author Nancy Sullivan provides recommendations for ways teachers, counselors and other professionals may better help young students with leukemia cope." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


To confront a person with his own shadow
is to show him his own light.

—Carl G. Jung

Childhood cancer is an unwanted reality in the lives of many children. While the number of children diagnosed is gradually increasing, the effectiveness of treatment protocols is increasing even more rapidly. Thus more and more of these children survive into young adulthood and beyond. Consequently, more individuals living with cancer, and more individuals who have survived cancer, are found in our families, our classrooms, and our places of employment. Almost 10,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. A teacher with a forty-year teaching career will have had, on average, four students who have been diagnosed with cancer. Very few of us will live our lives without encountering a childhood cancer survivor as a family member, a student, a friend, or a colleague. The increasing presence of surviving children and young adults calls for a greater level of understanding on the part of all of us. A book that would provide information about childhood cancer in a form that could be understood by nonmedical personnel would be welcomed by many of us.

Walking with a Shadow by Nanci Sullivan does much more than provide such needed information. Yes, the facts of childhood cancer—especially acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which until recently was the most common . . .

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