History of World War II - Vol. 3

History of World War II - Vol. 3

History of World War II - Vol. 3

History of World War II - Vol. 3


Volume 3: Victory and Aftermath

Operation Overlord Planning the second front • Operation Bolero • The airborne landings • Omaha and Utah • Gold, Juno, and Sword • D-Day—the reckoning Focus points: Planning D-Day • Where Will the Allies Invade? • Crossing the Channel • Dwight D. Eisenhower • Harry Parley • Allied Specialized Equipment

From Normandy to the Ardennes British failure at Caen • The breakout from Normandy • The Falaise Pocket • The drive across France • Operation Market Garden • The Allies halt • The Battle of the Bulge Focus points: African Americans at War • The Debate over Allied Strategy • The Liberation of Paris • Bill Jukes • Massacre at Malmédy

Italy and the Mediterranean, 1944–1945 Allied failure at Anzio • Battle for Cassino • The fall of Rome • Assaulting the Gothic line • Into the Po Valley • Italy—a necessary campaign? Focus points: General Wladslaw Anders • The Polish Corps • Death of Mussolini • Operation Dragoon • Italian Partisans • Operation Strangle

The Eastern European Front, 1944 The liberation of Leningrad • The Battle of Korsun • Crimea freed • Finland seeks an end to the war • Army Group Center shattered • The Red Army enters the Baltic states • Advance into Poland Focus points: Walther Model • The July Bomb Plot • 11–2 Stormovik • Volksturm and Volksgrenadiers • Heinz Landau • The Warsaw Uprising

The European Air War, 1944–1945 Big Week • Bomber Command • Air support over western Europe • German countermeasures Focus points: Strategic Bombing: An assessment • Germany’s V-Weapons • Jim Rosser • North American P 51 Mustang

The Battle of the Atlantic, 1944 – 1945 The search for a new strategy • Sinking the Tirpitz • Overlord and the U-boats • Loss of the Atlantic ports • Final coastal operations • Surrender of the U-boats Focus points: Improving the U-boats • Captain Frederic J. Walker • Liberty ships • Robert M. Bowen • New U-boats

From the Rhine to the Elbe, 1945 Allied advance to the Rhine • The Rhine crossings • Eisenhower’s strategic dilemma • Encircling the Ruhr • Final pushes into Germany • The German Surrenders Focus points: The Bridge at Remagen • Werewolves and the National Redoubt • Milton Shulman

The Fall of the Third Reich, 1945 From the Vistula to the Oder • Fall of Budapest and Vienna • Battle for Berlin Focus points: Hitler’s Disloyal Deputies • The Katyusha Rocket • Vladimir Antonov • Hitler—The Last Days

Island Hopping in the Pacific, 1944 Clearing New Guinea • Taking the Marshalls • Japan’s Operation A-go • Battle of the Philippine Sea • U.S. strategic debate • Naval battles off Leyte Focus points: U.S. Carrier Task Forces • LVTs: Landing Vehicles Tracked • Yamato and Mushashi • Eugene B. Sledge • Tomoyuki Yamashita • Kamikaze: Japan’s Divine Wind • Holland Smith

Burma and China, 1944–1945 Imphal and Kohima • The siege of Myitkyina • Japan’s East China offensive • The fall of Mandalay • Japan’s final efforts in China Focus points: The Burma Road • Religion and Support for the War in India • Catherine Cleary • Japan’s Nationalist Supporters • William Slim

The Defeat of Japan, 1945 Victory in the Philippines • Iwo Jima • Okinawa • Plans to invade Japan • Dropping the atomic

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