Allusion to the Poets


'Brilliant, witty, and illuminating... No other critic in our age... has dared to isolate this wonderfully ramifying, richly human subject (which requires great learning, lightly worn) and given it such intensive treatment. With this book about poets and their gratitude, Ricks has earned ours.' -Philip Horne, The Guardian Review'Subtly shows the way in which seven great poets have quoted their predeccessors in their writings, and the richness of meaning they have gained from that.' -Derwent May'Allusion to the Poets sparkles with an enjoyment that answers repeatedly to the delighted complexity and play of alert poetic imagination: for a long time to come, all good critics will be Christopher Ricks's heirs.' -Peter McDonald, Times Literary SupplementChristopher Ricks is among the best known living critics. His third collection of essays, several newly written for this book, is strongly focused on the theme of how writers - especially but not exclusively poets - make use of other writers' work: from the subtle courtesies of different kinds of allusion to the extreme discourtesy of plagiarism. Scintillating studies from one of the absolute masters of literary-critical writing.

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