Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College

Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College

Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College

Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College


You're the parent of a teenager who's ready to apply for college and you're concerned that she might not be able to afford it. She's bright, talented, and hardworking, but she's not the captain of the volleyball team or the valedictorian. You know your child deserves the very best education, but how do you ensure that she gets the money she needs to attend the school of her dreams, even if she's not a straight-A student? Author Kimberly Stezala passionately believes that every student should have access to a quality education. Now, she enables you to approach the scholarship process like a pro. Filled with inspiring advice from successful students and scholarship providers, this book shows kids how to: Apply for those scholarships that are the best match for their profile and skills, Create a scholarship application that will stand apart from the rest, Find the buried treasure of scholarships that aren't available on common websites. Straightforward and savvy, this book will ensure that your kids get the best start in life.


You are the primary reason I wrote this book. Whether you are a parent, student, counselor, mentor, big sister, grandfather, teacher, or youth minister, I want you to know everything I know about scholarships.

I know that the cost of college continues to rise faster than inflation, costs more than a loaded luxury car, and petrifies collegebound students of modest means. I am often called upon to teach workshops or give speeches to college-bound students and their families, and I do this with joy because I see so many people who could go to college but don’t have the money and don’t understand how to secure scholarships. Or, maybe they have a little bit of money saved for college but not the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to earn a degree. This book is for all of you.

I want you to learn about essay writing, gratitude, organization, and marketing. I want you to help your neighbor, friend, or co-worker. I want you to understand that winning scholarships is possible.

But if you read the book and just do as I say, that will be a big disappointment to me. Interaction is an important part of using this book. I know that students do not learn best by reading but by doing, discussing, and incorporating the material into their reality. I have seen it at my Scholarship Success Boot Camps . in the best-case scenario, you will not hoard this information but gather a few friends, read your essays together . . .

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