Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success?

Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success?

Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success?

Smarts: Are We Hardwired for Success?


Twelve specific and very important cognitive functions begin developing in the brain at birth. These skills" are built in to every individual and are fully developed - and unchangeable - by adulthood. Everyone has these same capabilities, but to varying degrees. And it is this unique and unalterable combination of one's strengths and weaknesses that determines success or failure in any given role.

Smarts contains the groundbreaking Executive Skills Profile: a powerful self-assessment tool that will identify, once and for all, a person's innate strengths and weaknesses. The results offer tangible proof of why we gravitate to certain tasks and struggle with others. With this newfound clarity, readers will learn to play to their stronger skills, and avoid wasting time on lesser ones they can never improve upon. Most important, they will discover their own unique potential for excellence.

Supported by proprietary primary research and grounded in widely accepted principles of clinical and neuro-psychology, Smarts is a truly eye-opening book that will change how we think about ourselves - and others.


YOU MAY CONSIDER YOURSELF to be an organized person, or a procrastinator, or sometimes forgetful. Maybe you see yourself as someone who can get things done, or is highly flexible, cool under pressure, or good at managing your time. Although you might be accurate in some of your self-assessment, there has been no way to precisely define each of these attributes, or to show their relationship to each other.

These are actually brain functions or cognitive skills that neuroscientists have located in specific regions of the brain—primarily the frontal lobes. These functions develop starting at birth and they are hardwired into every individual. Brain researchers have found that these skills are fully developed by the time you become an adult.

These skills are called Executive Skills because they help you execute . . .

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