The AMA Guide to Management Development

The AMA Guide to Management Development

The AMA Guide to Management Development

The AMA Guide to Management Development


Based on the set of managerial competencies specially developed by the American Management Association for a new core management curriculum, The AMA Guide to Management Development provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of how to continually develop managers throughout their entire organization. The book considers every factor important in management development, and features in-depth information ontopics including:

• The five major categories of competencies, including business knowledge and the ability to lead and manage change and innovation

• The specific skills needed, including communication skills and people management skills

• Alternative methods organizations may use to develop managers, including different types of training and evaluation of learning effectiveness

Management development is a crucial task for every enterprise. This book gives readers the guidance they need to make sure that both current and future managers have the abilities their organizations need to prosper.


For the last 85 years, AMA has been successfully developing managers. More than 160,000 people a year will go through our seminar programs worldwide, through open enrollment forums or through customized solutions delivered on site. Companies trust us with their talent, and we take their trust seriously. We concentrate on providing superior programs, webcasts, podcasts, research, and books.

Successful development of managers in your organization involves much more than sending people to a training program. It requires new roles for the organization’s leaders, the human resources function, the internal training group, and for all employees and managers in the organization. This book provides expert guidance on actions you can take today to improve your management development processes, no matter the size of your organization, your location, or your industry.

The traditional scope of duties and influence of expanding management responsibilities are constantly changing, but our model will give you a guide for your journey. With this core you can then further sharpen or customize the model to align competency priorities that are important for your business. Then you can craft a development model that aligns those priorities with the kind of contributions employees make as their own sphere of influence expands from individual contributor, to manager of others, to managing the business. Your own management development plan for your team will be shaped by the role and responsibility of each team member, his or her contribution, and how it ties to your corporate goal.

Once you know your ultimate goal, you can begin to plan. What skills do your people need to possess in order to get the job done and move your business forward? What capacities do they need to be really strong? In what roles do they need to excel, as part of the mosaic of contributions they make individually and as part of the team effort of doing business?

This is not a recipe book. Crafting a management development strategy and execution plan is not that simple. This is work, and you need a plan. You need to stick to the plan and be ruthless about developing your people to meet the needs of your business AND take them . . .

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