The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management


"Project management is renowned for streamlining processes and keeping initiatives on track in a wide array of industries. Executives in the most forward-thinking businesses are taking project management beyond specific projects in manufacturing, product development, and IT, and adopting its powerful methods company-wide. But there is a challenge to keeping all the many teams, departments, and divisions aligned with larger organizational goals. That's where the Enterprise Project Management Office, or EPMO, comes in.

This book describes in detail the four key functions, also known as the Four Pillars of the EPMO House of Excellence, that are crucial to building an effective Enterprise Project Management Office: Authorization, Standardization, Education, and Execution. In addition to start-to-finish methodologies, the book offers an invaluable selection of forms, templates, figures, and other tools to guide businesses in taking project management company-wide."


Looking for a quick fix – skip this book. Looking for a new edge and a competitive advantage to position your company for success in the long run – then read on!

The Power of Enterprise Project Management is a straightforward guide to establishing project business management (PBM) as an integrative business function for forward-thinking companies. the pbm methodology model developed in the book provides you with a simple, easy-to-follow top-down hierarchically integrated blend of strategic, tactical, portfolio, program, and project planning and execution processes.

The premise that an executive level, enterprise-wide project management office (EPMO) should be created to implement the pbm methodology and direct, often diverse, and resource intensive portfolios, programs, and projects across the enterprise is simple, yet brilliant. How many programs and projects fail because of poor coordination, limited resources, faulty assumptions, not being the right project at the right time, and midmanagement in-fighting? Where does that generally get resolved – at the executive level, where direction, priorities, and resources are determined and the final decisions are made. So start there first to achieve success, rather than ending there trying to minimize failure.

This book is structured to provide the key elements needed to understand and implement the concepts of pbm and the epmo, which are graphically captured in what the authors call the Enterprise-Wide Project Management House of Excellence. the sections of the book are written to expand your understanding of each of these business areas. the Appendices also contain valuable tools, forms, templates, and surveys to support you in developing a pbm methodology and establishing an epmo. Numerous graphics and visuals throughout the book help the reader (and implementer) understand critical concepts, roles and responsibilities, and business linkages.

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