Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success

Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success

Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success

Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success


" It's no secret that you can't improve your organization's performance without measuring it. In fact, every function, unit, process, and the organization as a whole, is built and run according to the parameters and expectations of its measurement system.

So you'd better make sure you're doing it right. All too often, performance measurement creates dysfunction, whether among individuals, teams, or across entire divisions and companies. Most traditional measurement systems actually encourage unhealthy competition for personal gain, creating internal conflict and breeding distrust of performance measurement.

Transforming Performance Measurement presents a breakthrough approach that will not only significantly reduce those dysfunctions, but also promote alignment with business strategy, maximize cross-enterprise integration, and help everyone to work collaboratively to drive value throughout your organization.

Performance improvement thought leader Dean Spitzer explains why performance measurement should be less about calculations and analysis and more about the crucial social factors that determine how well the measurements get used. His " " socialization of measurement" " process focuses on learning and improvement from measurement, and on the importance of asking suchquestions as: How well do our measures reflect our business model? How successfully are they driving our strategy? What should we be measuring and not measuring? Are the right people having the right measurement discussions?

Performance measurement is a dynamic process that calls for an awareness of the balance necessary between seemingly disparate ideas: the technical and the social aspects of performance measurement. For example, you need technology to manage theflood of data, but you must make sure that it supports the people who will be making decisions and taking action crucial to your organization's success. This book shows you how to design that technical-social balance into your measurement system.

While it is urgent to start taking action now, transforming your organization's performance measurement system will take time. Transforming Performance Measurement gives you assessment tools to gauge where youare now and a roadmap for moving, with little or no disruption, to a more " " transformational" " and mature measurement system.

The book also provides 34 TMAPs, Transformational Measurement Action Plans, which suggest both well-accepted and " " emergent" " measures (in areas such as marketing, human resources, customer service, knowledge management, productivity, information technology, research and development, costing, and more)that you can use right away.

In the end, you get what you measure. If you measure the wrong things, you will take your company farther and farther away from its mission and strategic goals. Transforming Performance Measurement tells you not only what to measure, but how to do it - and in what context - to make a truly transformational difference in your enterprise."


What if I were to tell you that one of the most important keys to your organization’s success can be found in a very unlikely place—a place many of you may consider to be complicated, inaccessible, and perhaps even downright boring? What if I were to tell you that this key to success is already one of the most ubiquitous and impactful forces in your organization? It’s there, waiting for you to tap into it.

This key to success is MEASUREMENT.

Measurement done right can transform your organization. It can not only show you where you are now, but can get you to wherever you want to go. Don’t believe me? Well, then, get ready to change the way you think about measurement. As you will see in this book, measurement is fundamental to high performance, improvement, and, ultimately, success in business, or in any other area of human endeavor.

The Elusive Search for the Secret of Success

The search for the secret of success in business is an ongoing pursuit for each of us. We buy book after book, take course after course, and our antennas are constantly on the alert for the latest—and greatest—management trend. We’re mentored, we’re trained, and most often we’re left more than a little drained by all of this information. We all strive to become better managers, better motivators, and better leaders of our organization, our Board, our unit, our department, our team. And our companies spend a lot of time and money helping us to do so—all with a view to improving the bottom line. Unfortunately, the results of most of this flexing of corporate resources are generally spotty at best. Sometimes the investment of time and money pays off, but mostly it doesn’t.

Why? Because the root causes of organizational problems tend to remain unaddressed. Beyond all the hype and hoopla of these management “break-

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