Truth: New Rules for Marketing in a Skeptical World

Truth: New Rules for Marketing in a Skeptical World

Truth: New Rules for Marketing in a Skeptical World

Truth: New Rules for Marketing in a Skeptical World


Consumers today are better informed, better armed to resist marketers, and more skeptical than ever. With thousands of messages bombarding them every day, buyers just want brands they can believe in from companies they can trust. In Truth, marketing expert Lynn Upshaw offers a systematic approach for building customer loyalty and increasing market share. Using real-world examples and engaging stories, he shows companies how they can capitalize on a new kind of competitive advantage and learn to:

• promote more persuasively

• achieve greater returns through integrity in marketing

• replace their pricing strategy with a more convincing value promise

• build stronger customer partnerships

• seize the lead share of credibility in a hypercompetive marketplace.

A revolutionary book that redefines what it means to market, Truth will show companies how to strengthen and build their businesses in a world filled with would-be buyers who are more inclined to doubt than to buy.


Marketing is rolling through one of the most exciting eras in its long history. Marketing is also about to get even tougher to pull off, and it was never all that easy.

While it is far from a science, marketing will soon be experiencing Newton’s Third Law of Physics, the one about actions and opposite and equal reactions. the harder we sell, the less likely buyers will listen. the more we try to slide around their filters, the more quickly they will raise their shields. the more buyers wonder if we’re telling them the truth, the more likely they will turn to another brand to find out what they’ve been missing.

If skeptical consumers and cynical business buyers don’t believe what marketers promise, why will they be convinced by questionable claims shouted in higher decibels? If they don’t think a brand is a good value at any price, why will they change their minds if the price is lowered? If they are bone-weary of being peppered with marketing messages, why will they be happy about marketers finding more invasive ways to get acquainted?

Now that skepticism and doubt have come home to roost in the marketplace, we in marketing are going to have to change the way we market. That change starts with recognizing that skepticism and doubt can best be trumped by marketing that is more honest than loud.

Unfortunately, many marketers do not consider integrity to be operable in their world. Integrity is all too often seen as a backdrop to daily work rather than its bone structure, a lofty standard instead of a necessary tool. And, by placing that standard on the wall as a guideline—and inevitably on the shelf as an afterthought—it immediately becomes inoperable.

How We Sell Is Now What We Sell

The world is full of segments, and some of those segments, albeit a dwindling lot, may blissfully sit still for a while longer as media machines sandblast them . . .

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