The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in the Second Life Virtual World: Marketing and Selling Your Product, Services, and Brand in-World


Why market and sell to people only in the "real" world...when there's a "Second Life" filled with unlimited possibility for profit? The Second Life Business Builder reveals the best ways to make money using the hottest thing online. One of the hottest trends in pop culture, Second Life, is a virtual, 3-D "world" that exists on the internet. Populated by adults and teens alike--in numbers going into the tens of millions--those who use Second Life barter and buy much the way they do in real life. They're also just as open to ads, products, and marketing--and businesses are just now discovering the enormous potential. A comprehensive, in-depth guide to the opportunities in this new marketplace, The Second Life Business Builder gives readers practical tips and strategies for creating an income stream, and marketing or extending a brand on the site. The book provides relevant examples--from IBM creating a collaborative virtual workspace, to start-up companies with virtual goods, to Princeton University offering Second Life classrooms--and provides proven techniques for successfully generating buzz through Second Life-centred promotions and advertisements.

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