The Busy Manager's Guide to Delegation

The Busy Manager's Guide to Delegation

The Busy Manager's Guide to Delegation

The Busy Manager's Guide to Delegation


Delegation amounts to a lot more than just passing work off onto subordinates. When handled correctly, it gives managers a chance to

strengthen their departments by developing the skills and organizational competencies of their people. Filled with quick tips, exercises, self-assessments, and practical worksheets, this book presents an easy-to-master five-step process for effective delegation. Readers will learn how to:

• determine which task to delegate

• identify the right person for the job

• assign the task

• monitor progress and provide feedback

• and evaluate performance

The book shows readers how to set the stage for excellent results, what to do if things go wrong, and how to ensure that all their people benefit from the experience. This is a quick, comprehensive course on an essential - and sometimes overlooked - management competency.


One of the authors still recalls his first experience as a very lowlevel manager. It happened during the second week of army basic training. the platoon drill sergeant had made him his assistant—the platoon guide—and his first assignment seemed simple enough.

“Listen up” the sergeant barked. “There’s some white paint down in the supply room. Get two cans of it up here on the double!”

The platoon guide ran down to the supply room, grabbed two buckets of paint, and raced back to the sergeant’s small office, taking two stairs at a time. “Two cans of white paint, Sergeant!”

The drill sergeant assumed an expression of mocking bemusement. “Private,” he began calmly, “you disappoint me. I said get that paint up here on the double, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Sergeant.”

“But I didn’t tell you to get it.” His face reddened as he shouted, “You were supposed to get one of those other maggots to fetch the damn paint!”

As you can see, this author’s first test as a delegator ended ignominiously in failure. Fortunately, he survived that experience and learned an . . .

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