How to Write Fast under Pressure

How to Write Fast under Pressure

How to Write Fast under Pressure

How to Write Fast under Pressure


Anyone who regularly deals with work-related writing deadlines knows the kind of paralysis that can take over when there's too much to accomplish and not enough time to compose a clear sentence. This book contains an easy, efficient, and confidence-building process for keeping up and being productive, even under tight time constraints and concentration-sapping obstacles. The book contains an immediately usable approach based on the mnemonic DASH, standing for the four critical components most needed for writers working under pressure:

D irection - hit the ground running with a sense of urgency and purpose

A cceleration - write on the fly with a 'beat-the-clock' mindset and an attitude that prizes volume over perfection

S trength - hold fast in the midst of chaos by employing a sensible quality controlling system and creating an environment conducive to writing

H ealth - assume a proactive stance by prioritizing work and preventing emergencies to minimize future pressures

Filled with helpful tools and time-saving techniques, this indispensable guide reveals how anyone can break through writer's block and write faster and better.


You’re at your desk writing a proposal for a key client—a project your boss has just dumped on you and that was due yesterday because he sat on it all week. Meanwhile, all you can think of is that sales report your boss’s boss expects on her desk from you by the end of the business day. You can’t finish that project because one of your teammates hasn’t run the monthend operating expenses that you need to analyze in the report. the e-mail inbox shows 14 new messages in the past 20 minutes. the electricians are snaking cable through the ceiling tiles, conjuring the image of a pack of rats burrowing through an overhead tunnel. Someone walks past you with his mobile phone blaring the William Tell Overture. Two colleagues whose work areas are nowhere near yours have decided to set up camp right in front of your area to argue over what picture should win the next Academy Award. It’s past two o’clock and you haven’t eaten anything all day. It doesn’t help that a nagging migraine makes your head feel like it’s going to explode. the computer monitor becomes increasingly . . .

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