Desert Storm: A Forgotten War

Desert Storm: A Forgotten War

Desert Storm: A Forgotten War

Desert Storm: A Forgotten War


This account of the Gulf War reveals its importance from a military and political point of view, highlighting how modern military technology made possible, with relative ease, a victory that would have been nearly impossible by traditional means. It has become fashionable to trivialize the impressive military achievements of the Coatition victory over Iraq, but Bin, Hill, and Jones demonstrate that the Gulf War represents a defining moment in military and political history. The text includes numerous firsthand eyewitness accounts.

Readers will discover why a multinational coalition deployed 800,000 soldiers to the Middle East to challenge to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. They will find out the truth behind political maneuvering by nations involved in the conflict, as well as those on the sidelines, and they will learn the details of the various weapons systems employed. The authors analyze the aftermath of the war and draw important lessons from it. This book provides an authoritative and provocative review of what will surely be remembered as one of the key events of the last half century.


Work on this book started the day after hostilities commenced on 17 January 1991. However, it was never our intention to publish our work immediately after the conflict ended. Much information on the war was made available only long after the end of hostilities. Our main drive has been to collect reliable information from primary sources and eyewitnesses, and to use wellaccepted political and military theories to organize and present this material. The contents of this book are based entirely on official documents available to the public and on interviews that either were published or conducted by us on the phone and in person with people in the United States and Europe. Given the paucity of unclassified sources, most of our data come from official military accounts, in particular the comprehensive Gulf War Air Power Survey by Eliot Cohen et al., which, despite their shortcomings, are invaluable sources.

This book builds on the literature available to date and tries to go beyond it by covering Arab, European and U.S. participation in the events; by relying mainly on official primary sources; and by offering new, and in some cases controversial, interpretations of well-known events. We have included many firsthand accounts from soldiers in an attempt to show the “face of war” and to dispel the image that Desert Storm was a collection of “aseptic surgical strikes.” We have attempted to place these accounts into context by providing connecting summary narratives of events and economic, military, and statistical analyses.

We hope that we have succeeded in producing the first comprehensive history addressed to the general public that does not, paraphrasing Col.

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