Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging


In this multidisciplinary text, noted leaders from a variety of fields provide students and professionals with a big picture approach to the best possible care for today's growing aging population. Addressing the extensive concerns that have arisen out of an increased life expectancy and the "elder-boom" of aging baby boomers, the contributors point to changing care and housing needs; health, mental health, and wellness concerns; and financial, ethical, and legal issues in elder care.


The dawn of the twenty-first century is an exciting time to experience the enormous changes that have had a positive effect on all aspects of our lives. the dramatic advancements in science and technology have added both quality and quantity to our lives. However, the demographic shift that has taken place has called forth a need to explore its implications. the aging of the massive numbers of people who are often referred to as the “Baby-Boomer Population,” those born between 1946 and 1964, will have huge implications for society as well as for individuals. Combined with the phenomenon of substantially increased life expectancy, we have outcomes producing extensive concerns for professionals in a variety of settings.

It was these extensive, yet differing effects of the huge “elder-boom” that provided the first inspiration for a book of this kind. the authors wanted to put together a comprehensive textbook that focused on a multidisciplinary approach for providing services to older people, a book that can be used by students in diverse programs who want to understand, from a variety of perspectives, what needs to be done.

The inspiration for this book has also come from the array of experiences of its authors. the editors, Lynn Tepper and Thomas Cassidy, represent two very different disciplines and two very different occupational backgrounds. Lynn is a gerontologist and professor with many years of teaching, research, and clinical experience with older people, and Tom, a former Senior Special Investigator with the New York State Attorney General’s Office, specializes in elder abuse and institutional care, and is a researcher in economic issues and policies facing the elderly.

When Lynn Tepper and Tom Cassidy met, Tom was writing his first book, Elder Care: What to Look For, What to Look Out For (1997). Lynn had been recommended by several of Tom’s colleagues as a recognized leader in gerontology, and someone who could provide some insight into the complexity of elder care issues. It did not take long for the perspectives of each to be shared and appreciated by the other, and to recognize their common goal: quality of life for older people.

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