Communications Skills for Project Managers

Communications Skills for Project Managers

Communications Skills for Project Managers

Communications Skills for Project Managers


According to the Project Management Institute, over 80 percent of a project manager's job is communication - yet most project management books hardly discuss it. Communications Skills for Project Managers provides practical advice and strategies for ensuring success, even in the face of shifting organizational priorities, constantly evolving expectations, and leadership turnover. This important guidebook gives readers the skills they need to keep everyone in the loop. Readers will find out how they can:

keep those on the project team - as well as upper management - involved and informed

• establish a plan for communication

• effectively present to stakeholders

• compete with other initiatives within the organization

• convey reasons for change

• and more

Even a project that is brought in on time and on budget can be considered a failure if those outside a project team haven't been kept informed. This book provides readers with the skills they need for ensured project success, every time.


Today, business is changing faster than ever, and most of
those changes are being implemented through projects
that require even stronger project management. Demand
for project management methods and skills has driven
the dramatic growth in organizations such as the Project
Management Institute. However, just using sound proj
ect management methodology will not guarantee success
ful projects, as many project managers have learned to
their dismay

Why Isn't Good Project Management Enough?

Too many project managers have been in the situation where a project, which was a technical success from a project management perspective, was viewed as a business failure from the point of view of an operations group. How can that be possible—to be a “technical success” and “business failure”? In the Information Technology . . .

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