A Vietnam Trilogy: Veterans and Post Traumatic Stress, 1968, 1989, 2000


Through the stories of numerous veterans and the author's own understanding as a mental health professional, A Vietnam Trilogy studies the impact of war on veterans from a psychiatric/psychological, social, and cultural perspective, both during and decades after the violence. The book reflects Scurfield's three-fold experiences in Vietnam, in 1968 as an Army social work officer serving acute battlefield psychiatric casualties; in 1989 when he co-led the first Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder therapy group of veterans back to Vietnam; and in 2000, as co-faculty for an award-winning Vietnam history course including three combat veterans. The book offers Vietnam veterans and other veterans a vicarious "healing journey" by relating the experiences of those who participated in these therapeutic efforts; it offers recommendations to veterans and those who wish to help them; and offers ideas on how some important understandings can be shared to the wider public.

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