The History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 2

The History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 2

The History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 2

The History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 2


From Apostle Andrew to the conclusion of Soviet authority in 1990, Daniel Shubin presents the entire history of Christianity in Russia in a 3-volume series. The events, people and politics that forged the earliest traditions of Russian Christianity are presented objectively and intensively, describing the rise and dominance of the Russian Orthodox Church, the many dissenters and sectarian groups that evolved over the centuries (and their persecution), the presence of Catholicism and the influx of Protestantism and Judaism and other minority religions into Russia. The history covers the higher levels of ecclesiastical activity including the involvement of tsars and princes, as well as saints and serfs, and monks and mystics. This, the first volume, deals with the period from Apostle Andrew to the death of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, just prior to the election of the first Russian Patriarch, a period of almost 1600 years.


The content of this second volume of the history of the Christianity of Russia begins in 1586, with the initiation of the effort toward establishing a Russian patriarchate, and concludes in 1725, at the death of Tsar Peter the Great, covering the Patriarchal Era and the establishment of the Holy Synod. the final chapter is a summary of the opposition to the Synodal system in the two centuries that followed its institution. the appendices consist of the confession read by Dmitri Tveritinov to the Holy Synod prior to his release after ten years of custody, and a description of the use of monasteries as prisons for dissenters.

The book is arranged in chronological and topical sequence. It is divided into periods marking major eras within the history of Russia, with a survey of the major characters of each period (primarily metropolitans and patriarchs) in chronological order, with topics specific to each period presented at the end of the section.

Ii. sources

In writing this volume, the author has relied on the following texts, all in Russian, listed in order of importance.

Anton V. Kartashyov, Ocherki po Istorii Russkoi Tserkvi, 2 volumes, 1932. N. Talberg, Istoriya Russkoi Tserkvi, 1959, 2 volumes.

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