The Extraordinary Mrs. R: A Friend Remembers Eleanor Roosevelt


"[Levy's] recollections are delightful, loving, and unique."-New York Times

"A lovely, loving memoir."-Blanche Wiesen Cook, Winner of the L.A. Times Book Prize for Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884--1933, Vol. 1

"[A] loving remembrance."-Kirkus Reviews

One of the most admired women of the twentieth century, Eleanor Roosevelt will always be remembered for her remarkable achievements as First Lady, United Nations official, and passionate advocate for the causes she held close to her heart. Now, through fascinating anecdotes, many of them totally fresh, William Turner Levy-a close friend of the former First Lady-gives us an intimate look at Eleanor Roosevelt and the way she viewed the world. And with the help of acclaimed historian Cynthia Eagle Russett, we also see Eleanor Roosevelt's role in shaping American and international politics. In this rare book, we gain a cherished glimpse of the extraordinary Mrs. R-as if she were our friend, too. An enchanting portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt in all her human dimensions-with fascinating anecdotes of the people she knew and loved-this refreshing and affectionate memoir reveals the fun-loving, intelligent, and vibrant woman behind the public persona.


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