Caldron of Conflict: Eastern Europe, 1918-1945

Caldron of Conflict: Eastern Europe, 1918-1945

Caldron of Conflict: Eastern Europe, 1918-1945

Caldron of Conflict: Eastern Europe, 1918-1945


Caldron of Conflict tells the story of Eastern Europe in the tumultuous, often violent years 1918-1945. After introducing the region, Wynot traces the differing paths each nation took from imperial rule to independence following World War I. The author next explores how each fared in the two decades of peace, when so many high political and economic hopes were dashed on the rocks of antidemocratic movements and the financial reefs of the Great Depression. It concludes with a survey of World War II and its aftermath.

Caldron of Conflict is essential reading for anyone trying to comprehend the recent and ongoing destruction in this explosive and pivotal region ofthe world.


Now more than ever there is a need for books dealing with significant themes in European history, books offering fresh interpretations of events which continue to affect Europe and the world. The end of the Cold War has changed Europe, and to understand the changes, a knowledge of European history is vital. Although there is no shortage of newspaper stories and television reports about politics and life in Europe today, there is a need for interpretation of these developments as well as background information that neither television nor newspapers can provide. At the same time, scholarly interpretations of European history itself are changing.

A guide to understanding Europe begins with knowledge of its history. To understand European history is also to better understand much of the American past because many of America's deepest roots are in Europe. And in these days of increasingly global economic activity, more American men and women journey to Europe for business as well as personal travel. In both respects, knowledge of European history can deepen one's understanding, experience, and effectiveness.

The European History Series introduces readers to the excitement of European history through concise books about the great events, issues, and personalities of Europe's past. Here are accounts of the powerful political and religious movements which shaped European life in the past and which have influenced events in Europe today. Colorful stories of rogues and heroines, tyrants, rebels, fanatics, generals, statesmen, kings, queens, emperors, and ordinary people are contained in these concise studies of major themes and problems in European history.

Each volume in the series examines an issue, event, or era which posed a problem of interpretation for historians. The chosen topics are neither obscure nor narrow. These books are neither historiographical essays, nor substitutes for textbooks . . .

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