A History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 3

A History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 3

A History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 3

A History of Russian Christianity - Vol. 3


This third volume of A History of Russian Christianity deals with the period 1741 through 1917, which is known as the Synodal Era of Russian Orthodoxy. This is the era of Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great, and the great tsars of 19th century Russia, along with the last tsar Nicholas II. This is the era of the rise of the dissenters and sectarians. The history of Old Believers is discussed, along with the Iconoclasts, Judaizers, Dukhabors, Molokans, Khlisti, Skoptzi, and Stundists of Russian Christianity, and the many other small sects, as well as the Christian philosophies of Grigori Skovoroda and Leo Tolstoy. The concluding chapters cover the decline of the power of Russian Orthodoxy, the rise of Rasputin, and the attempt for Christianity to survive as the Russian Empire falls to the Soviets.


The content of this third volume of the history of the Christianity of Russia begins in the year 1725 with the death of Tsar Peter I the Great, when his wife Empress Catherine I ascended the throne of Russia. This volume concludes with the ascension of Tsar Nikolai II to the throne of Russia in 1894. The final chapter contains ecclesiastical statistics that pertain to the Synodal Era. The appendix is a translation of the most popular treatise of Ukrainian philosopher Grigori Skovoroda.

The book is arranged in chronological and topical sequence. First it is divided into periods of major division within the history of Russia, and then each period is divided into its major characters, primarily sectarians and dissenters as they developed, in chronological order, along with topics of interest that apply to that period, at the end of the section. The dates utilized are all Old Style.

The Reader is advised to first read volumes 1 and 2 as preparation for this third volume. All the preliminary notes location in the prologue of Volume 1 would likewise apply to this volume.


This author in writing this third volume of the history of Christianity of Russia has relied upon the following Russian texts.

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