The Koran Handbook: An Annotated Translation

The Koran Handbook: An Annotated Translation

The Koran Handbook: An Annotated Translation

The Koran Handbook: An Annotated Translation


"This complete yet accessible translation of the Koran is designed as a teaching tool to explain in an analytical fashion the creed of nearly one billion people. Based on the most moderate Sunni tradition, it includes factual descriptions of Shi'ism, Sufism and other important distinctions."--Provided by publisher.


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful!

The aim of this work is to give to the English reader an authentic translation of the Koran and to convey to him the essence of the Muslim Scripture, while preserving as much as possible of its specific flavor and its concise imagery.

At the mention of the Koran, one often hears such observations as: “Why should we read the Koran? Who can make sense of it, if many Arabs and Muslims do not read and understand it? Should we invest our time in reading a forbidding religious text when even the Bible is not easy to comprehend?”

This translation of the Koran is an attempt at answering these questions and an effort at making it available to a wide range of readers. It should make the Koran interesting, revealing, exciting to the reader who, be he believing, unbiased, skeptical, or hostile, will gain a new insight into the development of religious, social, and political thought in the contemporary world.

The cultural map of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world extends over the five continents, with the exclusion of Hinduist/Buddhist cultures and a few animistic pockets in Africa and the Pacific.

The Koran is the spiritual and cultural inheritance of millions of people. It is built upon the faith and the ethics of the Old and New Testaments, so that any denizen of the Western world should feel that the Koran belongs to the same cultural tradition, the beneficiaries of which can come to terms with each other to end wars, hatred, derision, terrorism, and persecutions that have disgraced humanity for centuries of discord.

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