The Counsellor's Workbook: Developing a Personal Approach

The Counsellor's Workbook: Developing a Personal Approach

The Counsellor's Workbook: Developing a Personal Approach

The Counsellor's Workbook: Developing a Personal Approach


A guide to maximizing counsellor effectiveness through the personal approach

This book provides a series of reflective learning tasks, linked to the highly acclaimed Open University Press textbook An Introduction to Counselling, Third Edition. The Counsellor's Workbook encourages participants to construct an account of your counselling competencies, values, and personal qualities.

This workbook contributes to the process of becoming an effective counsellor by deepening and consolidating personal learning and development; facilitating the integration of theory, practice; and personal experience; and providing arenas for collaborative dialogue and exploration with fellow trainees. The Counsellor's Workbook provides learning resources to support counsellors through key stages in training, including:

  • Building on life experience
  • Engaging with theories and concepts
  • Reflecting on cases
  • Learning from critical issues in practice
  • Developing a professional identity

The workbook is a valuable resource for counselling tutors, trainers, and experienced practitioners engaging in continuing professional development.


Welcome to The Counsellor's Workbook: Developing a Personal Approach. This Workbook has been designed as a resource to be used in conjunction with a textbook (McLeod, An Introduction to Counselling 2003) during a particular period within your development as a counsellor. For most people who become counsellors, or who develop a counselling dimension within roles such as nurse or teacher, there is a period of typically three or four years when they undergo intensive learning and training activities. Even if this training is 'part-time', with the person continuing to fulfil other ongoing work and caring roles, it is usual for the person to become fully immersed in the whole process of becoming a counsellor: reading widely, reflecting on relationships with trainers/tutors and fellow learners, making sense of what emerges from personal therapy or groupwork, and seeing clients under supervision for the first time. An Introduction to Counselling is a book that has been written to be used at the onset of that journey: it provides a map of the territory. The workbook has been created as a tool for further personal exploration of the ground mapped by An Introduction to Counselling. The exercises and questions in the Workbook reflect the themes discussed in An Introduction to Counselling, and are intended as pointers: they suggest where to look, but not what to find.

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