Priority of Events: Deleuze's Logic of Sense


An incisive analysis of Deleuze's philosophy of events.

Sean Bowden shows how the Deleuzian event should be understood in terms ofthe broader metaphysical thesis that substances are ontologically secondarywith respect to events. He achieves this through a reconstruction of Deleuze's relation to the history of thought from the Stoics through to Simondon, taking account of Leibniz, Lautman, structuralism andpsychoanalysis along the way.

This exciting new reading of Deleuze focuses firmly on his approach toevents. Bowden also examines and clarifies a number of Deleuze's mostdifficult philosophical concepts, including sense, problematic Ideas andintensive individuation, and engages with material by Lautman and Simondonthat has not yet been translated into English.

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