2030, the Coming Tumult: Unlimited Growth on a Finite Planet

2030, the Coming Tumult: Unlimited Growth on a Finite Planet

2030, the Coming Tumult: Unlimited Growth on a Finite Planet

2030, the Coming Tumult: Unlimited Growth on a Finite Planet


The short-term benefits of unlimited growth are driving the American economic and social model right off a cliff. The author shows how corporations drown out scientists and global elites prosper during economic collapse. He explores the role of monotheistic religions in abetting population growth and downplaying human agency in the current unprecedented crisis and charts the effects of increasing poverty, population migration, and social tension.


This book tells the story of the current climate change crisis, how it evolved, and why we shouldn’t be surprised when little or no action is taken.

This volume focuses largely on water. According to the 1969 hit song by the 5th Dimension, the “Age of Aquarius” was to be an era of harmony and trust and understanding. It appears to be evolving instead into the “Age of Nefarious,” an age of conflict and theft and genocide due in large measure to careless, shortsighted or unapologetically selfish abuses of finite life-giving resources as well as global over-reliance on fossil fuels. the geological, technological, demographic and political aspects of the looming shortfalls are all discussed in this book.

A second volume will cover the influence of monotheistic religions, culture, and civilization on the climate debate and the secular religion of “growth” and its influence on how we approach living on a finite planet. It will also examine issues surrounding the globalization debate, the cult of consumption in the United States, our country’s infrastructure, a rise in regional and global conflicts over resource allocation, and what kind of world we are likely to leave to our children and grandchildren as well as their growing estrangement with the natural world‥ Taken together, these volumes aim to provide a comprehensive view of the substantial obstacles facing those who wish to avoid the inevitable consequences of a rapidly changing planet.

He walked out in the gray light and stood and he saw for a brief moment the
absolute truth of the world. the cold relentless circling of the intestate earth.
Darkness implacable. the blind dogs of the sun in their running. the crushing
black vacuum of the universe. and somewhere two hunted animals trembling
like ground foxes in their cover. Borrowed time and borrowed world and
borrowed eyes with which to sorrow it.

—The Road, Cormac McCarthy

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