A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God

A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God

A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God

A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God


The failure of modern man to grasp the nature of religion has served to
perpetuate its effects… We persist in disregarding the power of violence
in human societies; that is why we are reluctant to admit that violence
and the sacred are the same thing.


The 20 -century activist-prophet Mahatma Gandhi (d. 1948) stated that God is Truth. They are the same thing.

At first glance, this looks like one of those throwaway lines about God’s attributes, such as “God is Great,” “God is Love” or “God is Omnipresent.” Something that we hear often, yet rarely think too much about.

However, if we sit with the idea that “God is Truth” for a few minutes, it quickly becomes unsettling. Truth and our conception of reality are often very much at odds. Truth is not found by sifting through polling data or by agreeing with a generally accepted opinion. It has nothing to do with objectivity — which often simply splits the difference between opposing views — or with history, or precedent, or even our deepest held intuitions and beliefs.

Given the chasm that sometimes exists between perception and reality, Truth can be very difficult to disentangle from desire, wish, hope, political exigency and accepted objective reality. The Florentine political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli (d. 1527) realized this dynamic, stating: “The great majority of humans are satisfied with appearances, as though . . .

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