Experimental Philosophy

Experimental Philosophy

Experimental Philosophy

Experimental Philosophy


This volume provides an introduction to the major themes of work in experimental philosophy, bringing together some of the most influential articles in the field along with a collection of papers that explore the theoretical significance of this research.


This volume is intended as an introduction to the new field of experimental philosophy. Reprinted here are seven influential papers that apply experimental methods to a variety of different philosophical issues. These papers should offer a sense of the methods and scope of the work that has been done in experimental philosophy thus far and, we hope, inspire future researchers to apply experimental approaches in areas that still remain unexplored. We have also included an introductory chapter that takes up more general metaphilosophical questions concerning the methods and aims of experimental philosophy, as well as four papers offering theoretical reflections on specific issues arising out of existing experimental work.

We would like to thank Michael Gill, Ron Mallon, Jesse Prinz, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong for excellent advice on various aspects of the volume. We would also like to thank Peter Ohlin of Oxford University Press, not only for his help in preparing the manuscript, but also for suggesting the volume to us in the first place.

On a broader level, we are deeply grateful to Steve Stich, who has been generous to us in so many ways—intellectually, personally, and professionally.

Finally and especially, we’d like to thank our spouses, Alina and Heather. When the experimental philosophy movement first began, it was regarded as pretty far outside the mainstream of academic philosophy, and we have often felt a great deal of anxiety about our work. Alina and Heather, however, have never doubted us. It’s hard to imagine how we could have carried on without them.

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