Asian Indian Professionals: The Culture of Success

Asian Indian Professionals: The Culture of Success

Asian Indian Professionals: The Culture of Success

Asian Indian Professionals: The Culture of Success


Sandhu tells an ethnographic tale about the everyday lives of Asian Indian elites, their spouses, and children in two of the largest communities in the Untied States --Southern California and the Silicon Valley. Sandhu documents that beyond the visible successes of Asian Indians in the work sphere, spousal selection and the mobility of their new second generation are critical dimensions of their identities as elites. Sandhu extends and sharpens the concepts of cultural and social capital, processes of assimilation, and construction of identity to this understudied group.


“We need a language that would encompass several categories of
Indians who have been overlooked, even in recent histories of the
Indian diasporas, and whose experiences reasonably stretch the
perhaps already overextended reach of the word ‘diaspora’.”

-- Vinay Lal (2008: 127)

“I don’t think that you’re going to find poverty here. Oh, that’s your

-- Sid, 42 year old, Venture Capitalist

Although international migrants account for barely three percent of the world’s population, they have an incredible impact on the world. For example, take labor migrants from the Third World; they have historically contributed to the development of first world nations. Despite this pivotal role in development, international migrants are often marginalized in their receiving countries and oscillate between being a social problem and social solution (Mills 1994). Much of this has to do with misconceptions about international migrants. Rumbaut

Rubén G. Rumbaut (2008) explains that ninety-seven percent of the world’s population continues to live in their country of birth. It is only 191 million, or a little under three percent, that engage in international migration (72).

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