The AMA Handbook of Business Documents: Guidelines and Sample Documents That Make Business Writing Easy


Regardless of how much or how little you write on the job, every word you put on paper or screen has the potential to build, enhance, damage or destroy your business's reputation and market standing. But who today has the time to do a first-class writing job for all manner of business documents-without a little help? With practical, crystal-clear guidelines and dozens of sample documents, The AMA Handbook of Business Documents takes the guesswork and mediocrity out of all of your written communications. Organized as an instant-reference tool you can count on whenever you're putting something in writing, this lifesaving resource will help you sell, buy, inform, report, announce, propose, hire, fire, remind, get paid, and do everything else that defines your work and propels your business and career toward their goals. Inside you'll find a wealth of sample documents and short, easy-to-apply guidelines for creating your own, including: Abstracts Letters of Application Complaint Letters Memos Proposals Inquiry Letters Follow-up Letters Collection Letters Emails Reference Letters Progress and Activity Reports Policies and Procedures Lab Reports Grant Proposals Press Releases Newsletters Job Offer Letters Warning Letters Sales Letters Training Manuals Speeches and Oral Presentations Product Specifications Summaries Surveys and many, many more. Wilson's and Wauson's The AMA Handbook of Business Writing has been hailed by Library Journal as "a highly relevant... and authoritative work." Like that book, this one is an indispensable resource for anyone responsible for putting a business's intentions into words. And at a fraction of the price, The AMA Handbook of Business Documents gives you the core essentials when you need them-now-so that you and your team can execute powerful, professional, foolproof documents quickly, consistently, and confidently-every time.


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