Best Practice Workplace Negotiations

Best Practice Workplace Negotiations

Best Practice Workplace Negotiations

Best Practice Workplace Negotiations


Best Practice Workplace Negotiations offers a systematic approach to developing negotiating skills. It serves as an introduction to current best practices in negotiation that can be applied across a broad range of business situations. This up-to-the-minute course covers win-win vs. win-lose negotiations; the BATNA concept (best alternative to a negotiated agreement"what every negotiator should have in his mind before entering into any negotiation); walk-away price, or reserve point; negotiation as a logical set of process steps"preparation, initial moves, application of tactics, and post-deal evaluation; and the power of persuasive communication in negotiations.


Welcome to the AMA’s Self-Study course on Best Practice Workplace Negotiations. No matter what your current skill level as a negotiator or your current status—executive, manager, supervisor, or employee—this course will help you become more effective.

Negotiation is how people resolve differences when imposed resolutions are not an option. Chances are you know people who are very adept at negotiating differences at work, at home, and in your community. When people cannot agree, good negotiators have a knack for moving them toward a settlement. Many assume that effective negotiators like these were born with that particular skill. Not true! Good negotiators are made, not born. As with most skills, the ability to negotiate effectively is strengthened through study and practice.

You’ve taken a significant step toward mastering the art of negotiation by beginning this course. The concepts and techniques described here will give you a framework within which you can practice and improve. Each chapter will take you a step further.

This course offers numerous practice opportunities through the exercises and “Think About It” sections found in each chapter. Try to make the most of these, since practical engagement with new and unfamiliar topics is the best way to master them. Also, practice what you learn about negotiation with those around you. As you experience success, repeat those techniques. Soon they will become habits, and others will look up to you as a “born” negotiator!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the chapters of Best Practice Workplace Negotiations:

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