Handbook for Strategic HR: Best Practices in Organizational Development from the OD Network


Human Resource Management is changing. Moving beyond basic transactional functions, your role as an HR professional has now evolved to include working with executives and managers to set priorities and guide change for your organization. Drawing upon the research and practice of seasoned Organization Development professionals, the Handbook for Strategic HR collects articles found in the esteemed journal OD Practitioner to give you an overview of the core knowledge and skills you need to play a trusted advisory role in your organization. A compendium of the best thinking on the subject, the Handbook for Strategic HR supplies methods that will help you see the big picture, think systemically, and strategically identify where best to foster change in your organization. In addition, you will read about how to team up with consultants and senior level staff in leading change projects, put employee engagement to practical use in the important work your organization is doing, learn how to operate effectively in cross-cultural and virtual working situations, and much more. This essential resource supplies you with powerful and necessary insight into the four major competency areas needed to partner with other leaders in your organization: Understanding the Business The new breed of HR professional must be truly knowledgeable about the business of his or her organization: what it does; its products or services; customers; markets; competitors; how it works, its business model, performance and financial drivers; its mission, direction, and strategy; history, culture, and environment; and global influences. As an HR Business Partner, you must understand how your business makes and spends its money in order to contribute effectively to its organizational sustain-ability and bottom line. Strategic Human Resources The book shows you how to move beyond operational tasks-such as administering benefits and updating employee records-to the deeper strategic aspects of your role: e.g., designing and implementing a total rewards compensation approach to support the behaviors that will meet the needs of customers and anticipating the talent needs created by new strategies. Foundational Organization Development Creating an environment in which employees can operate at their fullest potential requires understanding your organization as a system from individual, team, and organizational perspectives. The book gives you a firm introduction to organization design and strategy development; the processes of whole systems chan leadership development; team development; organization diagnostics and assessment; coaching; facilitation; organization culture chan and the use of applied behavioral sciences to improve the effectiveness of human system dynamics. Partnership Becoming a partner with senior leadership and management involves developing collaborative relationships; understanding interpersonal relations, personality characteristics, and styles; and having empathy. As an HR Business Partner, you must go beyond discussions at the task level to build relationships on a personal level. This book enables you to move from an "internal customer" mindset to a "strategic business partner" mindset. Featuring 78 chapters containing creative approaches, practical tips, and proven methods that will help you add value to your company, the Handbook for Strategic HR is the gold standard resource on the important topic of organization development.

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Includes content by:
  • Edgar H. Schein
  • Dave Hanna
  • Matt Minahan
  • Judy Vogel
  • Leon E. Butler
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2013


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