The AMA Handbook of Business Letters


Letter writing is crucial to professional success. But with everything you have to accomplish during the day, chances are you have little time to craft compelling business correspondence yourself. And if you're one of the countless people who would like more confidence when it comes to writing a business memo or formal email, wouldn't it be nice to have a compendium of already-written, customizable letters at your fingertips? Now with more than 25 percent new material and packed with model letters for even more situations than its classic predecessor, The AMA Handbook of Business Letters provides you with adaptable templates for any business circumstance. Available online so that each letter, memo, fax, and email is just a click away from modifying it for your own purposes, this long-trusted, authoritative guide is a comprehensive solution to all your professional communication needs. You'll find: Customer service letters to resolve complaints and breed loyalty Human resources communications covering hiring, firing, and staff changes Sales, marketing, and public relations letters that get noticed Credit and collection letters that clarify account status and command immediate attention Letters to vendors and suppliers to place orders, request price quotes, resolve billing and shipping issues, negotiate terms-and more! And the fourth edition gives you more than just a treasure trove of customizable sample letters. This indispensable reference also contains an easily digestible refresher course on techniques that will enable you to write your own crisp, clear, and effective letters. You'll find tips and answers on grammar and usage, standard formats to use in different situations, strategies for establishing your objectives, and a brief rundown of the components of a well-written, persuasive letter. When is it more appropriate to send communication via hard copy rather than in an email? What formatting and style should you use when sending an inquiry to a vendor? This book lets you flip to the answers you need, as you need them. Expertly written letters can increase the quality of your working relationships as well as the quantity of business you attract. With the revised and updated edition of this trusted resource you'll have the most effective letter-writing tools available-and more ready-to-use correspondence than ever for today's business situations.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2012
  • 4th


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